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F . A . Q .

  • Are your products really handmade?
    Absolutely! We make sure every single product is made by hand to ensure care and quality, every time.
  • Why is everything in glass amber bottles/jars?
    We package everything in the most recycleable packaging possible. We strive to lower our waste and aspire to help do our part for the earth. Also, many of our products contain pure essential oils which are photosensitive. We get around that problem by using amber packaging so those oils are not effected.
  • Where are you based out of?
    While our main office is located in Airdrie, AB, all products are handmade out of the Sea to Sky Corridor on British Columbia's beautiful west coast.
  • Where do you ship to?
    As of right now, we only ship within Canada. We hope to open up shipping to other countries in the future.
  • My business wants to try selling some of your products, how do we do that?"
    Head on over to our Shipping & Returns page and that will guide you on how to go about this. Or get in touch via email at We are always excited to help get your customers to experience some great, handmade products. Send us an email and we will gladly come up with a program that will work great for you!
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